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Our Favorite Kids’ Activities Around Windsor Terrace

Our Brooklyn personal injury lawyers think that New York City is one of the best places to raise a child. Growing up here means that your child will be exposed to all types of different cultures, people, ideas, activities, and more. This city has nearly limitless programs and activities specifically designed for kids, which help build various skills and cultivate their personal interests. In our opinion, some of the best kids activities in and around the Windsor Terrace neighborhood in Brooklyn include:

Prospect Gymnastics

Gymnastics programs are a great way to help children build confidence, self-esteem, flexibility, muscle strength, and other qualities. We think Prospect Gymnastics offers some of the best children’s programs in the city. They offer classes and programs for children of all ages, including an Open Play five days a week, in which kids ages 4 and under can begin building their gymnastic skills with the help of a parent or guardian and the facility’s instructors.

Spanish Sing-Along At Lark Cafe

Every Friday during the summer, Lark Cafe hosts a Spanish sing-along. This is a fun and educational activity which allows children and parents to learn Spanish together through the power of music. These songs focus on simple concepts like colors, numbers, and animals. The program also includes a story time, where your family can read along with illustrated books in Spanish. The cost is $10 per family and this program runs every Friday at 10 am through September 2nd.


Tinkergarten is a program which runs educational outdoor activities for kids in parks around Windsor Terrace. These classes are designed for children between 18 months and 8 years old. This group thinks that it’s important to balance screen time with time in the outdoors, which has become rarer than it used to be. The program guides help encourage independence, exploration, calculated risk-taking, and other skills in parks throughout the area. Playing outside can be more than just simple fun – it can also be an enriching learning experience.

Crayon Power Learning Labs

Similar to Tinkergarten, Crayon Power Learning Labs is a facility which helps children learn through play activities. To be more specific, Tinkergarten helps children discover their unique learning styles and nurture their style, which can then be brought outside of the facility and into the classroom and the real world. This program is designed to facilitate independence and social skills. It runs on a concept called Natural Play Therapy, in which parents can enter their child’s mental space through various play activities. It’s a great way for parents to learn how their children think, and for children to learn about themselves.

The Tiny Scientist

Most kids have a natural interest in science, whether that’s expressed through a fascination with bugs, nature, space rockets, or another specialization. The Tiny Scientist helps kids cultivate these interests by teaching them about the scientific method, vocabulary, experiments, and other activities. This facility offers various classes for kids of all ages, summer programs, and private parties. They do a fantastic job of making learning fun, and we have no doubt that some future brilliant scientists will eventually develop due to their experiences at the Tiny Scientist. Even if your child hasn’t expressed a major interest in science in the past, they’re sure to be converted after a program or party here.

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