Motorbike accident

July 21, 2017- Brooklyn Weekly Accident Report Roundup

In this week’s accident report, a number of collisions took place in Brooklyn including two tragic motorcycle crashes and a City Bus crash that left one woman dead in what might be a suicide.

Motorbike accident

Brooklyn Related Accidents

Two Motorcyclists Die In Different Crashes In Brooklyn

On Saturday, July 15, 2017, a midnight motorbike ride ended tragically for two friends in Brooklyn. One of the motorcyclists flew off of his motorcycle and was run over by the other cyclist. The man who died was 35-years old.

The two friends were going east on Atlantic Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The problem came when one of the men sped past his friend and crashed into a column that supports train tracks which caused him to fly off his bike and land on the road directly in the other motorcyclist’s way.

The 35-year-old motorcyclist was rushed to Interfaith Medical Center by medics, unfortunately, he did not survive. Police did not charge the other motorcyclist.

In a different accident on Sunday, July 16, 2017, a motorcyclist was killed when he crashed into a car in Brooklyn. According to police, a 23-year-old crashed into a Honda at McDonald and Ditmas Aves in Kensington.

The 23-year-old was rushed to Maimonides Hospital where he later died. The Honda driver stayed at the scene of the accident and has not been charged.

Woman Dies After Being Thrown Under City Bus

A 30-year-old woman was recently hit by a city bus in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. The accident took place at Lincoln Road and Nostrand Avenue.

The woman was thrown under a city bus and was found lying on the ground with serious injuries. Emergency responders pronounced her dead soon after they got there. This accident is being investigated by police and MTA officials and are looking to see if this incident was a suicide.

Witnesses stated that they believe the woman threw herself in front of the bus.

Jaywalker Struck And Killed

An investigation is underway over a jaywalking accident in Brooklyn on Sunday, July 16, 2017. An 83-year-old man was killed when he was jaywalking across a Brooklyn street at night.

The man was crossing Flatbush Ave. when he was struck by a 2008 Toyota sedan. The 83-year-old was taken to Beth Israel Hospital with serious head and body trauma.

According to police, the man was not walking in the crosswalk when the accident happened. The 54-year-old driver who struck him stayed on the scene. He was not immediately charged with a crime.

Brooklyn Man Flees From An Accident He Allegedly Caused

A 20-year-old Brooklyn man allegedly left the scene of an accident after he crashed his car at the Black Rock Turnpike traffic circle on Sunday, July 16, 2017.

According to police, the accident happened when the man was exiting Interstate 95 at Exit 24, Black Rock Turnpike, and he drove around a car that was at a red traffic light. The car went onto the grass shoulder and through the red traffic light.

This move caused him to hit a sign on the center island.Witnesses stated, the 20-year-old man and his passenger got out of the car and ran away on foot. The driver of the car was found walking on Black Rock Turnpike by police and stated that he was in the car but was not driving it. However, witnesses identified the 20-year-old as the driver of the car and that had caused the accident.

Police charged him with evading responsibility, failure to drive right, failure to obey a traffic signal and driving a car without a license.

He was released when he posted $1,500 bond and is set to appear in state Superior Court in Bridgeport on July 24, 2017.

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