Hurricane devastation

Hurricane And Storm Protection Steps For Construction Companies

Contractors who set up shop in New York City, especially the ones who are not from the area, may not be used to preparing for hurricanes on a regular basis. In general, the Northeast does not encounter as many hurricanes as other parts of the country, however, it is still important to be vigilant. The hurricane season officially starts in June and could go as long as November. The one event that caused the most hurricane damage in the New York area was the “Long Island Express” of 1938 which killed 600 people and created the Shinnecock Inlet.

Storm hurricane and beach waves

Since 2010, New York City has had two major storms and a series of smaller, but still dangerous, storms that have caused billions of dollars in property damage and cost several lives. It seems like the frequency of these big storms is increasing, which means that construction companies need to start giving some thought to what they would do if a hurricane hit while they were working on a job. What would your company do for worksite protection?

Have A Hurricane And Storms Plan In Place

Because these storms are occurring more frequently, it is more important than ever that every contractor who works in New York City have a comprehensive plan in place in the event of a hurricane. This is a plan that does more than just protecting the company as business insurance would, this is a plan that would protect workers and hopefully get production back up and going as soon as possible.

A hurricane plan should be in writing and it should be made part of mandatory safety meetings for all workers and supervisors. Everyone should understand their responsibility in the event of a hurricane, and everyone should know exactly what they need to do to reduce hurricane damage as much as possible.

 Keep Track Of The Weather Patterns

It may sound redundant, but it is necessary to utilize online weather websites to keep track of any potential storms that may be coming through the New York City area. Work site supervisors can download weather apps on their phones so that they can be updated on any weather emergencies. The management team and supervisors should be in constant contact when it comes to the weather and any significant changes that could affect the work being done, as well as construction workers on site.

It is important that companies know the hurricane emergency plans of the area they are working in. Doing so entails supervisors paying a visit to the local government office in order to find out what the hurricane emergency plans are for that specific area, and submitting a copy of their company’s hurricane plans if the city government requests it.

Make Plans To Secure And Protect The Worksite

Hurricane devastation

A worksite protection program for potential hurricane damage should be done in two phases. The first phase is the ongoing steps taken to protect equipment in the event that a hurricane could occur. During hurricane season, equipment and supplies that are not being used should always be secured and loose items must be stored away at all times. For example, tall cranes should be brought down when they are not in use during the hurricane season.

The second phase of worksite protection occurs when a storm is imminent and the warning time is utilized to secure the site. All fencing and loose items need to be stored in areas that will offer protection from the wind and water. In addition, take steps to protect any utility work that is not completed from getting exposed to salt water. If work is being done in areas like New York City during hurricane season, then it is a good idea to invest in equipment specifically used to protect job sites and the surrounding areas from potential hurricane damage.

As a construction company working in New York, it is extremely important that the necessary steps to protect work sites from hurricane damage are taken into consideration, even if the possibilities are low. Not only do companies need to keep track of the weather and be prepared to secure equipment at a moment’s notice, but there is also a need to invest in business insurance that will protect companies from the kind of financial damage a natural disaster can do and that includes the protection of everyone on site as well.

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