Construction worker falling

What Causes Slip And Fall Accidents On Construction Sites?

We wrote previously that Brooklyn is a booming hub of residential and commercial establishments with 6,073 units having been already established this year. The projection for the next year stands at 24,575 units which is a significant bump. These numbers indicate an acute rise in construction jobs which means added jobs for construction workers.

Construction worker falling

Hazards and accidents relating to slip and falls on construction sites have been on the rise in New York owing to varied factors. As a construction worker, you should be aware of the avenues available to you in the event you suffer slip and fall injuries.

What Causes Slip And Fall Accidents?

Construction sites are busy centers that may have varied hazard elements especially if the systematic processes are not followed strictly. The major causes of slip and fall accidents include the following hazards.

  • Wet and greasy floors

Wet and greasy floors contribute to majority of slip and fall accidents. As construction workers, you are often
charged with working and operating on the surfaces of the sites which are characterized as being wet or greasy depending on the construction work being carried out. Care therefore, has to be taken when operating on these floors since it is what can limit the chances of you slipping and getting injured due to a fall.

  • Uneven floors

Uneven floors on construction sites are usual occurrences since the buildings are normally works in progress. You therefore have to be careful when operating on the uneven floors since the varied elevations are what can lead to a fall accident which may incapacitate you or prove fatal.

  • Unmarked hazards

It is the responsibility of a contractor or construction manager to ensure that all hazards and hazardous areas of a construction site are marked to avoid workers walking straight into the danger. Unmarked hazards contribute to over 16% of all the slip and fall accidents documented.

  • Inadequate lighting

Construction sites have varied lighting orientations which sometimes may not be adequate for you in terms of allowing you the chance to note where the hazards may be. Inadequate lighting therefore contributes to the slip and fall accidents due to the fact that they impair your vision leading to you being vulnerable to hazards.

 Accidents Numbers

15% of all accidental deaths in construction have been identified as being caused by slip and falls. This statistic is only second to vehicle accidents which is a worrying factor. In general, 5% of all construction workers who slip and fall suffer fractures and they stand as the primary cause of lost days of work. 22% of all the slip and fall victims have had to shoulder absenteeism from work in the range of 31 days which translates to loss of income. It has been documented that you are more vulnerable to slip and falls owing to hazardous floors and flooring materials since in excess of 2 million injuries result from the same annually. 26% of all the claims in the construction niche stem from falls while 16% of all the claims of worker compensation are filed by victims of slip and fall accidents.

What To Do In Slip And Fall Cases

It is the responsibility of a construction manager to ensure that you are able to work in a safe environment that will
not prove hazardous. When you slip and fall due to negligence on the part of the construction manager or contractor, you have the capacity to file for workers compensation or personal injury claims, which will go a long way towards covering your medical bills and facilitating an income setting during your recovery. Slip and fall accidents can also be fatal and thus, you should keep in mind that your family or next of kin can file for compensation to get the benefits.

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