Climate change

What Is Climate Change Doing To The Construction Industry?

When scientists first started warning the world about global warming, every industry in the business world started to calculate the way in which climate change would alter what they do. The construction industry made plenty of speculations about how it would change as the planet gets warmer, but it wasn’t until the temperature actually started to rise that construction companies started to see the real effects of climate change.

How Has The Construction Industry Affected Climate Change?

While the different factions within the world of construction try to adapt to the changing planet, it is important to note CO2that some of the changes in construction came about because construction is a key component in global warming. For example, buildings around the world are responsible for 40 percent of the energy used throughout the planet. That means that the construction industry and its building practices are more responsible for greenhouse gasses than even the transportation industry.

Over the next 25 years, buildings are expected to cause the most significant increase in the release of CO2 gas. This includes everything from the CO2 expelled during the making of materials such as concrete, to the way that buildings absorb and release air. Every process from demolition to clear a site for the construction of a new building carries practices that have increased global warming, and only now is the construction industry taking responsibility for its actions.

To help prepare for the changes in the environment, some engineers are proposing changes to building construction that would significantly reduce heating bills for commercial property owners. As climate change continues to take effect, engineers and project managers need to utilize construction methods that will keep cooling costs down as the temperature of the planet rises.

The construction industry’s responsibility for global warming has helped to spark an increased interest in green construction. The entire industry is working on ways to make concrete with less CO2 being given off, use recycled materials, and construct buildings that are less harmful to the environment. Green construction principles are dominating the construction industry around the world, and it is all in response to the damage done from years of irresponsible construction practices.

The Construction Workforce Has Been Affected By Rising Temperatures

Global warming has lengthened the construction season for companies all over the country. Between January and February 2017, 39 states saw increases in construction activity and hiring at paces never seen before in the middle of winter. During this normally coldest time of the year, the state of Illinois added 7,300 construction jobs because of an increase in demand.

Because the winter weather has become milder around the country, 73 percent of the construction companies in the United States expect to increase their workforces in 2017 to keep up with the growing demand for services. However, even with the significant increase in hiring, many states are still not breaking construction employment records. The lack of skilled workers is making it difficult for construction companies to keep pace with demand, even with the extended work year.

More Skilled Workers Are Need To Meet The Building ChangesClimate change

The construction industry is using new construction methods to help meet the demands that the more intense weather will bring all over the country. Green construction methods are being altered to protect against hotter summers, more intense rainfall, and violent winter weather. The construction industry is already having trouble finding the materials to keep up with demand, and an increase in global warming awareness will make the situation worse.

The changes needed to meet the weather demands that will be put on new buildings will require more skilled workers to complete projects on time. With the construction industry currently involved in a major skilled labor shortage, the need to meet new building guidelines created due to climate change could put even more pressure on an already strained construction industry.

Global warming is affecting most industries throughout the world, but it is having a pronounced effect on the construction industry. From the need to alter its methods to atone for its contribution to the damaged environment to having the change in weather increase demand for services, the construction industry is going to have to find ways to stay ahead of the issues the world will face as the planet gets warmer.

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