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Most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work and construction workers often work longer hours than most others. All employees hope that at the end of the day they will be able to return home, unhurt, but anyone who works in the construction industry knows that this may not happen.

Even when an employer does everything they can to provide a safe work environment, accidents happen. Accidents which commonly occur on a construction site include:an unsafe construction environment

  • slip and falls
  • falls from a height
  • accidents involving heavy machinery
  • accidents caused by defective equipment
  • explosions
  • scaffolding collapse
  • trench collapse

It doesn’t matter what caused the accident, injured workers should be able to recover compensation. Many will file for workers’ comp, which is a great first step, but sadly, a large portion of these claims are denied. Thankfully, most are also able to file a construction accident lawsuit.

These lawsuits are filed against the third-party whose negligence caused their accident. When you contact our law firm, we review the accident, determine who was at fault, file the necessary paperwork, collect evidence, and then fight for your rights. Depending on what you want, this may mean negotiating a settlement or arguing the case out before a judge and jury. Contact us at our Brooklyn law office to learn more about how we can assist you.

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Have you been hurt by the decision that a medical professional made? Although medical malpractice is often associated with a doctor’s mistake, the reality is that many medical professional can cause harm to a patient if they aren’t careful.

When medical malpractice occurs it can change a patient’s life forever which is why the law allows them to seek compensation through a lawsuit.

While a lawsuit cannot change the past, it can help to make the plaintiff’s future more comfortable by giving them the financial resources they need to pay for medical bills, lost earnings, physical pain, and emotional trauma. The amount obtained will vary from case to case since the losses sustained by each plaintiff can vary widely.

Our experienced attorneys will fight aggressively for the best compensation possible. Call us now to learn more.

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The seconds after a collision are confusing, shocking, and painful but unfortunately, for many car accident victims, that is just the beginning of a stressful journey. Not only do they have to deal with serious injuries that can change their life forever, but they also often have to deal with the subsequent medical bills, often all while being unable to return to work.

Many believe that this is when car insurance will help them but the average insurance policy isn’t enough to cover all losses. This is when a lawsuit might be the only option.

Our legal team is always prepared to help auto accident victims get the full compensation that they both need and deserve. Call us as soon as possible to learn more about how we approach the legal process, how we support you during this stressful time, and how much you may be owed.