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It’s hard for anyone to believe that their doctor could make a mistake, but they and every other medical professional can and do. When a medical mistake occurs, it can result in serious damage to the patient. Damage can occur for several reasons:radiologist making the incorrect diagnosis

  • a patient is misdiagnosed and their actual medical condition is allowed to progress unchecked because the treatment they are given if for an unrelated condition
  • the medication they are given – medication they otherwise wouldn’t have been prescribed – causes potentially life-threatening side effects
  • the patient is given the correct medication but the incorrect dose, overdosing them
  • a surgical mistake is made with a surgeon either performing the incorrect procedure, completing the procedures incorrectly, or performing the correct procedure on the wrong body part.

These are just a few examples of how a patient can have their life and health put on the line due to a mistake. When that happens, the patient, or their loved ones if they pass away, has the right to seek legal justice and compensation.

A medical malpractice lawsuit can provide the plaintiff with compensation for their medical bills, lost earnings, physical pain and emotional trauma. If it is the loved ones who file because the patient is deceased, they can also recover compensation for funeral and burial expenses, lost inheritance, and loss of consortium.

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All it takes is a few seconds of inattention for a car accident to occur, an accident which can forever change the lives of the victims involved. Common injuries that auto accident victims suffer from include:

  • broken bones
  • amputations
  • nerve damage
  • spinal damage
  • head trauma

Not only can these injuries cost thousands and sometimes millions of dollars to treat, but they can also prevent the victim from returning to work or participating in activities that they previously enjoyed.

When a negligent driver causes and accident, their victims have the right to pursue legal action to obtain compensation.

Our law firm understands how painful this time is and how much energy you are likely spending on just healing and getting through your day. The last thing that you need on your plate is the stress that comes from filing a lawsuit which is why we do everything we can to support you during this time. We handle all of the paperwork, collect the evidence, consult with experts, and prepare both you and the case for court from the very beginning. That being said, the majority of all lawsuits settle out of court, however, we want you to feel prepared for any possible outcome.

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Each day construction workers help to build the world we live in but they often pay a high price. Construction companies and managers typically push hard for employees to work in unsafe conditions and longer hours than they should, resulting in accidents that can cause serious injuries or death.

At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus, & Moverman we believe that all injured workers should obtain the compensation that they need to pay their bills and prepare for the future. We help them do that by dealing with all of the legal paperwork, collecting evidence, seeking the opinion of industry experts, and then either negotiating a settlement or fighting in court before a judge and jury.

Although you might believe that workers’ comp will be enough, it typically isn’t. Don’t hesitate to call, there are statutes of limitations which may prevent you from filing a lawsuit and recovering compensation.