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A Visit To Lincoln Terrace Park With Our Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers

With over 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, New York City is one of the greenest cities on the planet. Our Brooklyn personal injury lawyers love visiting parks throughout the five boroughs when the weather is nice. In our opinion, the best times in this city are spent outdoors. Lincoln Terrace Park is one of our favorite options in Brooklyn. We love spending spring and summer days here with our families, participating in the variety of recreational activities available and just taking in the atmosphere. Some of the reasons why we like Lincoln Terrace Park so much include:

Learn To Ride

Lincoln Terrace Park is one of many New York City parks to host Learn to Ride events, in which you can bring your child (age 5 and older) to learn how to ride a bicycle without training wheels. According to the park, most kids learn how to ride within one session. And if your child needs a bit more time and practice, they can always come to a second session – don’t worry, they’re free! They also periodically hold Learn to Ride events for adults, ages 18-80, who have yet to learn how to ride a bicycle.

Athletic Facilities

Lincoln Terrace Park is home to numerous athletic facilities, where you can enjoy your sport or athletic activity of choice both casually or as part of an organized league. These facilities include:

  • Two turf baseball fields
  • One basketball court
  • Fitness equipment for an outdoors workout
  • One football field
  • Thirteen handball courts
  • Eleven tennis courts


The Lincoln Terrace Park playground dates all the way back to the 1930s and is currently undergoing a major upgrade. A $3 million renovation project is underway, which will add new play equipment, water features, replanted flowers and trees, a new entrance, ramp, sitting area, and a 4-foot gate surrounding the play area.

The renovated park will also be divided into two areas: one for toddlers and one for grade-school kids. The toddler section will include climbing fixtures with chalkboards and mirror panels. The section for the older kids will have traditional jungle gyms with rope ladders and slides.

We’re definitely looking forward to bringing our families here to enjoy the finished project.

Hills And Meadows

Of course, some of the park’s best features are the natural ones. We love relaxing at the open meadow here with a good book, a picnic with friends and family, or bringing our dog along and letting him run free. During the winter months, the park’s ample hills provide a perfect setting for sledding.

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